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IVECO Stralis AS-L Range

For durability, reliability, power and performance, IVECO’s Stralis range of trucks has you covered. The Stralis range offers fuel efficiency, maximum comfort and optimal performance in Australian conditions, making it ideal for short to medium commutes and long haul transport across the country.

At AV Trucks, we stock one of the largest ranges of IVECO trucks in Australia. With an in-depth knowledge of industry demands, we specialise in matching you with the right truck. Visit our truck centre in Perth for expert advice and personalised guidance on our entire range of Stralis trucks.

The AS-L Range

As the flagship of the Stralis range, the AS-L is best suited to long haul jobs. It comes with an impressive 2.5 metre wide and 2.2 metre long cab, offering storage and comfort while on the road. The AS-L gives you the choice of:

  • Torque ratings of up to 1696lb/ft
  • Engine power ratings of 500hp or 560hp
  • Three rear axle ratio options

Innovative Engines

Coming standard with all Stralis trucks, IVECO’s Cursor engine is an in-line 6 cylinder configuration offering superior power, reliability and fuel economy. With all engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with exhaust gas after-treatment, fuel emissions are reduced and Euro 5 – ADR 80/03 emission standards are met.

With engines coming in choices of 8, 10, or the recently released 13 litre capacity, power ranges from 360hp to 560hp and up to 1696lb/ft of torque. The 13 litre capacity engine improves on fuel efficiency, reliability and engine life.

Intelligent Driving

Each Stralis model is fitted with either a 12 or 16-speed ZF Eurotronic II automated gearbox. Known for superior fuel efficiency, optimum performance, advanced driveability and intelligent controls, the Eurotronic helps you focus on the roads.

With all Eurotronic gearboxes featuring electronically controlled clutch engagement, you can count on your transmission to select the most ideal gearshift depending on loads, road speeds and conditions. If you’d prefer to manually control the gears, simply pull on the lever to engage manual override mode.

Cab Selections

Featuring three different cab variations, you can customise your Stralis. Choose from:

  • Active Day (AD): a prime mover or rigid truck engineered and designed for short haul metropolitan jobs
  • Active Time (AT): ideal for medium to long haul jobs with the option of a standard or high roof and prime mover or rigid body
  • Active Space Long (AS-L): best suited to long haul jobs with added extra space – the flagship Stralis cab

For added comfort and driveability, all Stralis trucks feature adjustable air suspended driver seats, adjustable steering colours, ample storage, ergonomic grab handles and a multifunctional display screen as standard.

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Discover the Stralis range of IVECO Trucks in Australia. Our truck centre in Perth makes it simple to explore, drive and evaluate the best IVECO truck to suit your needs. With reliable advice and personalised service, AV Trucks makes selection easy.

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