Stralis AD/AT Range

IVECO Stralis AD/AT Range

Looking for a sturdy and reliable truck for medium to long haul work? You can’t look past IVECO’s Stralis range. One of the most versatile trucks on the market, the Stralis range offers superior fuel economy, driver comfort, functionality and performance in harsh Australian conditions.

At AV Trucks, we specialise in providing an extensive range of IVECO Stralis trucks for sale. Our professionals offer personalised advice and specialised services to pair you with the right truck to suit your needs. For expert advice and quality truck parts in Perth, chat with our experienced team.

The AD/AT Range

The Stralis AD/AT range comes with various configuration choices, available as a rigid or prime mover, sleeper or day cab and in 6×4 or 8×4 axle configurations. When customising your Stralis, you can choose from:

  • Torque ratings of up to 1696lb/ft
  • Engine power ratings of 450 or 500hp
  • Five wheelbase and rear axle ratio options

Optimised Engine

Each Stralis truck features a renowned IVECO in-line 6 cylinder Cursor engine for added power, reliability and fuel economy in all driving conditions. Featuring Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with exhaust gas after-treatment, Stralis engines meet strict Euro 5 – ADR 80/03 emission standards.

Following the 13 litre Cursor Series II engine – offering enhanced power, engine life and fuel efficiency – you can now choose an engine in 8, 10, or 13 litre capacity covering power ranges from 360hp to 560hp and up to 1696lb/ft of torque.

Smooth and Responsive Driving

In each Stralis model, you’ll find either a 12 or 16-speed ZF Eurotronic II automated gearbox. Featuring enhanced fuel economy, optimum performance, advanced driveability and adaptive controls, the Eurotronic offers stress-free and safer driving.

All Eurotronic transmissions feature electronically-controlled clutch engagement, automatically selecting the most ideal gearshift depending on loads, speeds and road conditions. For manual control over gear selection, just pull on the lever to switch to manual override mode.

Cab Variations

When choosing your Stralis, you can opt for one of three cab variations. Choose from:

  • Active Day (AD): made for short haul metropolitan and intrastate jobs as a prime mover or rigid truck
  • Active Time (AT): available as a prime mover or rigid truck with a standard or high roof – ideal for medium to long haul jobs
  • Active Space Long (AS-L): the flagship of the Stralis range, it features added extra space to make long haul journeys more comfortable

Adjustable air suspended driver seats, adjustable steering colours, ample storage, ergonomic grab handles and a multifunctional display screen come standard with all Stralis trucks.

IVECO Trucks for Sale in Perth

Update your fleet with Australia’s most reliable and reputable range of trucks. At AV Trucks, we provide expert advice on the entire IVECO Stralis range. From short haul metropolitan drives to nationwide commutes, a Stralis will get you there.

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