Ready to invest in your next truck and looking for something that does it all? Discover the IVECO Daily 4×4. Innovative, dynamic and versatile, IVECO’s range of Daily trucks are quickly becoming Australia’s truck of choice for both private and commercial on and off-road applications.

What is the IVECO Daily 4×4?

The IVECO Daily 4×4 is a powerful light truck that offers a suite of capabilities. Designed to suit a wide range of purposes – including off-road driving and navigation – the Daily 4×4 has quickly become the go-to solution for drivers across industries. Sturdy, comfortable and safer than ever, you’re empowered to your Daily 4×4 wherever you need to go.

Featuring a car-licence-friendly GVM of 4495kg, driving the Daily 4×4 is an achievable and comfortable feat for drivers unfamiliar with light or larger commercial vehicles. With significantly more off-road capabilities compared to others in the same category, there’s no competition for the Daily 4×4 when it comes to versatility and practicality.

Practical Applications

Versatile, functional, reliable and powerful, the IVECO Daily 4×4 is used across a wide range of industries. Able to tackle tough terrain while also providing smooth handling on metropolitan streets, driving is made easy with this practical truck. You’ll often see IVECO Daily 4x4s used as off road support vehicles, emergency service vehicles, mining or forestry vehicles, recreational vehicles and even motorhome or travel vehicles.

The Benefits of Owning Daily Trucks

Fitted with a powerful 3.0 litre direct injection diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbo, the Daily 4×4 meets strict Euro 6 standards while still delivering an impressive 140hp and 400Nm of torque. Smooth-shifting 6-speed manual transmission puts you in full control over the vehicle’s power and manoeuvrability. The chic cabin interior offers superior comfort, complete with ergonomically designed controls and seating solutions to maximise support. Built from a solid steel truck chassis, the Daily 4×4 offers modern comfort amongst a rigid structure ideal for tackling off-road applications.

Ideal for Off-Road Adventures

When it comes to off-road capabilities, there’s no truck like the Daily 4×4. With a tough exterior and impressive specs under the hood, the Daily 4×4 is perfectly aligned to power you through any off-road adventure. From tackling tough terrain with emergency supplies in tow to facilitating your off-road recreational expedition through coastal tracks, enjoy high quality performance and reliability across every journey.

IVECO Trucks for Sale

Ready to jump in an IVECO Daily 4×4? Visit AV Trucks in Perth to discover our range of Daily 4x4s and IVECO trucks for sale. Specialising in advising on a wide range of models, specifications and designs, we make it simple to find the perfect truck to suit your requirements.

From off-road servicing and emergency support to motorhomes and adventure travel, find out more about how the IVECO Daily 4×4 can be customised to suit your needs. Chat with our Perth professionals today – contact us on (08) 9478 2299.