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A proven performer, IVECO’s Eurocargo range combines sharp European design with reliability and functionality. As one of Europe’s best-selling medium duty trucks, Eurocargo’s popularity is on the rise throughout Australia.

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IVECO Australia’s Eurocargo Range

Eurocargo variants include:

  • E5 EEV ML120
  • E5 EEV ML160
  • E5 EEV ML150
  • E6 ML120
  • E6 ML160
  • E6 ML180

Ideal applications include:

  • Metropolitan and intrastate delivery
  • Refrigeration services
  • Emergency services
  • Public utilities
  • Equestrian and livestock transport


Eurocargo EEV

At the heart of the Eurocargo EEV is a 6-cylinder, 5.9 litre ‘Tector 6’ engine available in two power ratings. Despite its modest capacity, the turbocharged and intercooled engine is powerful and advanced with four valves per cylinder and high pressure common rail electronic fuel injection.

This combination develops 250 hp and 850 Nm in ML120 and Dual Cab ML140 models and 280 hp and 950 Nm in ML160 and ML150 4×4 models. Additional benefits include generous oil change intervals of up to 80,000 kilometres for reduced downtime and maintenance costs. The ZF 6-speed (standard in ML150 4×4) and ZF 9-speed (standard in ML120, Dual Cab ML140 and ML160) are synchromesh gearboxes that are durable and easy-to-use even for novice drivers with precise gear changes and complete control.

Allison S3000

The Allison S3000 full automatic can be specified across all models except the ML150 4×4. Ideal for use in heavy traffic and on congested roads, it eliminates the need to change gears and provides for a more streamlined driving environment.

Eurocargo E6

The Eurocargo E6 is powered by a 6-cylinder, 6.7 litre ‘Tector 7’ engine. This diesel powerplant features high pressure, common rail, electronic injection, turbocharging and 24 valves. Available in two power ratings, the Tector 7 develops 250 hp (850 Nm) in ML120 models, 280 hp (1,000 Nm) in ML160 and ML180 models. Efficiency is heightened through new low-viscosity engine oil that reduces friction. An electronically controlled two-speed electromagnetic fan clutch can be engaged according to cooling requirements. Emission control allows the engines to achieve stringent Euro 6 standards thanks to the innovative ‘HI-SCR’ system – a single after-treatment system featuring passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

The HI-SCR system is simple, lightweight and efficient. Benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption compared to competitor EGR and SCR equivalents
  • Reduced weight, resulting in reduced tare weight and increased payload
  • Uses fewer components than most competitors
  • Eliminates the regeneration downtime for increased efficiency

Converting the Tector 7’s power to road performance are transmission offers from ZF and Allison. Depending on driver preferences, manual or fully automatic transmission can be specified. Drivers can select the ZF 9-speed overdrive transmission with dash-mounted gearshift or the Allison S3000, 5-speed full automatic.


Eurocargo EEV models benefit from the superior stopping power of front and rear disc brakes with ABS. Other safety features include Anti-Slip Regulator (ASR) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP), providing safe and comfortable working environments regardless of traffic and conditions.

E6 Eurocargo enhances safety with an impressive list of active and passive safety features designed to benefit drivers and other road users. All Eurocargo E6 variants feature the superior stopping power of front and rear ventilated disc brakes with ABS. All E6 models also feature Anti-Slip Regulator (ASR), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS). AEBS helps to avoid accidents caused by driver distraction using a bumper-mounted radar that measures distance to an obstacle in front. It calculates the time remaining to take action before a potential collision, actioning an audible double warning before brakes are applied. In the event of a moving obstacle, the system intervenes by automatically reducing speed to avoid impact. If an obstacle is stationary, the system can predict and moderate the impact by further reducing speed.

The Eurocargo E6 also boasts optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Using the AEBS radar, ACC adjusts speed by maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front. The feature has a range of up to 120 metres and automatically intervenes by reducing torque then applying the engine brake and service brake if necessary.

Additional driver assistance technology includes an optional Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that warns the driver if the vehicle is moving from its lane. A windscreen-mounted camera recognises road markings and will sound an alarm if a vehicle changes lanes without the driver signalling.

Completing the safety appointments are a Hill Holder function, Driver’s SRS airbag and Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) to provide increased visibility for other road users.

Wheel-mounted controls for audio and Bluetooth allow the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel for constant control.


Extended hours behind the wheel of a Eurocargo aren’t an issue with second-to-none cabin features and ergonomics. Cabin entry includes generous steps and 90°-opening front doors while the driver is treated to a fully adjustable ISRI seat. A cabin redesign places all controls intuitively within arm’s reach.

A linear dashboard design and the compact dimensions of the engine tunnel allow the driver to easily move around the cabin and leave the vehicle from either side for loading and unloading.

In response to modern working environments, the Eurocargo cabin offers a mobile office space that accommodates laptops, tablets and tech. It also features a reading light, side storage pockets and two USB connectors for charging electronics. Other practical features include a driver’s side console housing two bottle holders, a 12V power socket, an option for an in-cab compressed air outlet, extra storage throughout the cabin and a hanging rail with hooks on the rear wall.

Cabs include:

  • The Day Cab: perfect for short to medium day jobs
  • The Sleeper Cab with a high roof option: designed for longer journeys
  • The Dual Cab: designed to carry six passengers plus driver (E5 EEV only)

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