Thinking of upgrading to a commercial van for your business? If you transport goods, move equipment across sites or operate your business primarily from a vehicle, investing in a commercial van is an important step. From rapid business growth to exciting expansion plans, it’s time to invest in a commercial van to unlock productivity and opportunity.

Designed to support a huge range of business activities, commercial vans offer superior functionality and reliability. Economical and professional, learn more about why you should buy a work van for your business.

Enhance Professionalism

Showing up to a worksite or meeting with your very own sleek, branded commercial van gives clients the right impression and indicates your professionalism. By investing in your own commercial van, you’re able to include your branding details and even an advertisement to showcase your business while you travel on the roads. In comparison, personal cars or rental vans may point to your business being brand new, unestablished or even amateur.

Add Functionality and Versatility

Commercial vans are specifically designed to provide drivers with a full range of functionality and versatility. Unlike many domestic vehicles, commercial vans are built with sturdy and durable components that can bear the grunt of heavy duty use on a regular basis. From tossing in equipment and tools to carrying around cargo and deliveries, get the job done with a commercial van made for business.

Save Money

Although buying a commercial van is an investment, it’s generally cheaper than renting long term. While rental vans can seem attractive with such low rates, you’ll never actually own the vehicle and you may be liable to pay additional costs to the rental company should anything happen. If you choose to invest in your own van, you’re able to own it completely and even sell it later down the track if you choose to upgrade or switch.

Quality Commercial Vans from IVECO Australia

When it comes to selecting the right commercial van for your business, stick with a proven make and model with a solid reputation. IVECO Australia, manufacturers of a number of small to large commercial and industrial trucks, also craft high quality commercial vans. Versatile, customisable and high performing, their Daily Van provides business owners of all types with an accessible, smooth and simple commercial van for business. Ideal for a huge range of applications in both inner city settings and rural sites, the Daily Van makes work transportation simple and hassle free.

Find Commercial Vans for Sale in Perth

Looking for quality commercial vans for sale in Perth? Chat with the team at AV Trucks. Specialising in pairing business owners with high quality commercial vans, we give you the chance to come and test out some of Australia’s most powerful and reliable options – including the IVECO Australia Daily Van.

Learn more about investing in a commercial van for your business with advice from our professionals. Contact us on (08) 9478 2299.